about me

My journey has always been motivated by wanting to make a difference and creating a positive impact. Early on I got involved in projects around the world where I was naturally drawn to the planning and implementation phases because I would be in my element and deeply committed to the projects working to finding creative solutions, communicating and building relationships, resolving conflicts and addressing challenges. With time I have come to understand the importance of the human aspect in the progress and success of each project and in change in general. I started to focus on the behaviours, mindsets and habits of the people and communities I work with and mentor them in understanding and navigating their own stories and transformation. Since then I have become very passionate about promoting and creating self-efficacy, ownership and sustainability through mindful communication, mediation and leadership trainings, mindful communication, mediation and leadership trainings.



  • Analyzing and interpreting situations, problems and people.
  • Assessing the facts, feelings and goals of all parties.
  • Thinking creatively and strategically about solutions.
  • Looking at the bigger picture and thinking outside the box.
  • Anticipating and dealing with challenging situations.
  • Working pro-actively and raising resource and solution awareness.
  • Managing emotions and expectations and overcoming resistance.
  • Having great project and change management skills.


  • Understanding emotions and how they impact thought, behaviour and actions.
  • Evaluating a situation and understanding a problem through active listening.
  • Asking open-end questions.
  • Building rapport and nurturing relationships with empathy and mindfulness.
  • Utilising mediation for conflict resolution.
  • Promoting positive and solution focused communication.
  • Intercultural communication – appreciating and mediating between different beliefs, behaviours and rules.
  • Understanding how to address them in projects.

Growth Mindset

  • Turning challenges into opportunities.
  • Valueing the process over results.
  • Encouraging failure to learn and grow.
  • Promoting refelction and constructive critism.
  • Facilitating goal setting to push ourselves to the next level.
  • Creating roadmaps for development.
  • Being persistant and adaptable to change.
  • Having a positive attitude.


  • Creating a sense of belonging and building a level of self-awareness.
  • Developing psychological safety and trust through giving advice, feedback and direction.
  • Being committed to diversity and inclusion and appreciating uniqueness and social connectedness.
  • Cultivating collaboration and reinforcing accountability.
  • Understanding new and different perspectives.
  • Mentoring leaders and project partners by supporting through complex transformation processes.
  • Raising self-awareness, guiding in resolving problems and developing self-efficacy.
  • Community and capacity building – promoting and enforcing trust, ownership, transparency, accountability and resiliency.