about me

My journey has always been driven by a passion for making a difference and creating a positive impact. From an early age, I engaged in global projects, naturally gravitating towards planning and implementation. In these roles, I thrived in finding creative solutions, building relationships, and addressing challenges head-on. Over time, I recognized the crucial role of the human element in the success of any project and change efforts.

This realization shifted my focus to the behaviors, mindsets, and habits of the individuals and communities I worked with. I began mentoring them to understand and navigate their own stories and transformations. Today, as a transformation and empowerment coach, I am dedicated to fostering self-efficacy, ownership, resilience, and sustainability through mindful communication, mediation, and leadership training. My mission is to guide clients in unlocking their inner potential, enabling them to create lasting, positive change in their lives and communities.

My Strengths


As a transformation and empowerment coach, I excel in problem-solving by analyzing and interpreting complex situations, understanding the diverse needs and goals of all involved parties, and crafting creative and strategic solutions. I proactively anticipate challenges, manage emotions and expectations, and raise awareness of resources and solutions. My project and change management skills ensure that every initiative is approached with a holistic perspective and outside-the-box thinking.


I prioritize mindful communication, recognizing the profound impact of emotions on thoughts, behaviors, and actions. Through active listening and open-ended questioning, I build rapport and nurture relationships with empathy and mindfulness. I am skilled in utilizing mediation for conflict resolution, promoting positive and solution-focused dialogue, and navigating intercultural communication by appreciating and mediating between different beliefs and behaviors.

Growth Mindset

My growth mindset drives me to transform challenges into opportunities, valuing the learning process over mere results. I encourage embracing challenges as a stepping stone for growth, fostering reflection and constructive criticism. By facilitating goal setting and creating development roadmaps, I help individuals push their boundaries, adapt to change, and maintain a positive attitude.


In my approach to inclusive leadership, I foster a sense of belonging and self-awareness, developing psychological safety and trust through thoughtful advice, feedback, and direction. Committed to diversity and inclusion, I appreciate uniqueness and social connectedness, cultivating collaboration and reinforcing accountability. I mentor leaders and project partners through complex transformation processes, guiding them in problem resolution and self-efficacy development. My focus on community and capacity building promotes trust, ownership, transparency, accountability, and resilience.

My Values